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Multilink Speed

Multilink Speed

Truly fast

Multilink Speed is a self-adhesive, self-curing composite resin cement, which can be light-cured if desired. As a result of its self-adhesive properties, Multilink Speed is recommended for luting indirect restorations made of high-strength all-ceramics (zirconium oxide ceramics, lithium disilicate glass-ceramics), fibre-reinforced composites, metal and metal-ceramics.

Multilink Speed combines the benefits of conventional cements with those of adhesive luting resins. The composite cement is characterized by a straightforward application protocol and good mechanical properties.

Easy and efficient application
Easy clean-up of excess cement
Very good physical properties, such as water absorption, solubility and radiopacity

Multilink Speed is indicated for the fast cementation of restorations made of the following materials:

Metal and metal-ceramic
High-strength all-ceramic (zirconium and aluminium oxide-ceramic, lithium-disilicate- ceramic)
Fibre-reinforced composite



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